Ah, that elusive thing called time

If you’re in over your head, and you’ve got a lot of GOOD THINGS going on or things are plenty good as they are but you don’t want to cram in more… then yes, you have no time for this.

However, if you NEVER seem to have time for things you really want to do… then something else is going on. You might be in the habit of prioritising things that don’t actually help you, nourish you or make you happy…

Because, well… oh, I don’t know. You may

feel guilty

be stuck in family / society rules that prescribe how you’re supposed to live and spend your time

take on waaaaaaaayyyy too much responsibility

get kind of lost in the needs of other people


Buying an online programme obviously won’t magically fix that, because you would need to spend time doing and reading things in that programme to get anything out of it. And that takes time.

Yet I’m bringing this up because I want to encourage you to check whether this is a Never-Ending-Problem. Because if it is, there is no magical Dog/Dragon that will take you away and make things better. It’s up to you.

You are the only one who can decide how you spend your time.

We all have the same amount of time at the end of the day, everyone just spends it differently.


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