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Self-love is one of the hardest things to practice, or is it?

I’m not talking about being narcissistically selfish. I’m talking about allowing yourself to be nourished by love. Supported. Respected.

The sages say that at the core, we ARE love. Yet, if we are love, how come so many of us are struggling to feel that?

Why do we end up in relationships that hurt us, struggle with soul-numbing work, get bored with our life or feel like something is missing?

If we ARE love, then shouldn’t everything feel magical?

What if … we ARE love, but because we have free will, we have the option to be disconnected from it… Out of habit (and trauma), we’ve learned to shut love out, even though it’s the truest thing about us.

If that’s the case, then there needs to be a way to re-align yourself with that love, right?

If it’s a (subconscious) choice to disconnect, then it can be a conscious choice to reconnect.

If you’ve been following my blog and/or newsletters for a while, you know I’m not new to practices of self-care.

At the end of 2016 though, I found myself struggling. I had all the self-care practices anyone could think of. I was also creating fun little adventures for myself (for my Highly Sensitive Sensation Seeking side) and yet, I still felt like something was missing.

You know how sometimes, you have a room in your house that you just can’t clean out? You struggle to organise it. Somehow, it’s a hassle. Meanwhile, you assume that if only you could just get that room clean and tidy, you’d enjoy it again. But then there comes the day when you finally do clean it up… and you realise you hate the wallpaper. Or the lighting is just wrong. The room is too small, or too big. All that work to declutter it, and it’s just disappointing.

Self-development work can be like that. We think, “if only I get THIS part of my life sorted…” and we expect all kinds of miracles when we get there. Then we get there, and it’s disappointing.

In a much bigger, more dramatic way, it’s like how many people feel about the US elections. After everything, we get Trump stomping around on the world stage?? What happened to progress? What happened to love?

If there was ever a time we needed to align with love, it’s now.

I’m not talking about changing the ways of the world, I’m talking about you getting to feel loved in your own body. Because, if not there, where?

During January of 2017, I was really intuitively pondering how to access more love. Not just acting loving towards yourself, but actually feeling warm and loved.

There’s a difference. You can be doing everything right, and still not feel loved.

You can also be stuck in a mess and struggle to move forward because you don’t feel loved. We all need love fuel.

Because, what if you’re ill? What if you’re single? What if you’re married but feel lonely? What if your family abandoned you? What if you’re just plain struggling? There needs to be a way to feel loved, regardless of where your life is at. When you feel loved from the inside, redesigning your life, and attracting more love from the outside will be easier too.

The more unloving the world looks on the outside, the more we need to cultivate that love on the inside. Not as a way to deny what is happening, but as a way to align with our truth, and fuel us.

We are all creating our life every minute of every day. We’re not starting from scratch, obviously, but we have influence. Our inner orientation, and how we feel (no matter how bleak things may look out there) matters, deeply.

So in February of 2017 I taught a live class on a simple meditation process for aligning yourself with love. And now, that class is also available inside the Happy Sensitive Library (Scroll down to the “More Love Class” section).

What you’ll learn in the class:

  • You’ll learn how this technique for accessing love in your body works, and I’ll show you how to find the variation of it that works best for you. Once you get it, you can practice this anywhere, for a minute, or a fill-yourself-up afternoon.
  • It’s not complicated. However, it does require some basic meditation skills.
  • If you’ve practiced some form of mindfulness, yoga, tai-chi or body work that makes you aware of what you feel in your body, or you’re naturally good at that kind of thing anyway, then I think you’ll get a lot out of this class.

What this process is designed to do is to teach you how to do something simple that lets you feel love: warm and fuzzy. And, you’ll learn how to do this in a way that allows you to feel loved in all parts of your body (because different parts of you, need to be connected to love in different ways. If you’re familiar with the chakra system, you’ll have a sense of what I mean)

I look forward to sharing this process with more people! It’s simple once you know how, but it took me many years of healer experience, research and trial-and-error to be able to access it – and share it – in this straightforward format.


(Scroll down to the “More Love Class” section for the class).

Of all the things I’ve learned and taught over the years, I have to say, this process is the most instantly stress-reducing that I know of.

To me, it’s the meditation version of a warm bath, without having to wait 30 minutes for the tub to fill. You could just as well describe it as an instant hug though. There is a tangible loving warmth to this process that is not at all typical for a meditation practice. I mean, zen and peace are great, but if it becomes a cool kind of calm, it won’t feel like it’s enough to nurture you.

Just like with a good hug though, if you needed to cry, you might find yourself suddenly crying… Love is not a box of rose coloured glasses. It’s truth, but a warm, nurturing truth.

As with any meditation practice, it works when you use it. The more you use it, the more you’ll benefit.

Oh, and for anyone wondering, it has NOTHING to do with tantra, we’re not working with sexual energy. When I say warm and fuzzy, I mean like a hug from a loving friend (not a romantic partner). Just wanted to point that out since talking about “love and warm” can bring up those associations.

Let’s bring more love into the world by welcoming it into our own bodies and lives first! Who knows what can happen and what you’ll feel inspired and energised to do from there…


(Scroll down to the “More Love Class” section for the class).


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