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How I stopped my Panick Attacks – free live class – Sat April 11th 2020 – click for details here.


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How to Avoid Overwhelm

– in personal life and work –


Overwhelm is the worst! And it’s quite common for Highly Sensitive People. We get stressed more quickly because we have a more sensitive nervous system, so we get overwhelmed more quickly too.

  • Do you get overwhelmed at times because everyone is clamouring for your attention?
  • Or you just have too many tasks on your plate?
  • Or you can’t find a quiet place to think?
  • Or you feel emotionally overloaded?
  • Or something else…

Thankfully, just because it’s easier for us to get overwhelmed, doesn’t mean we just have to put up with it and soldier on!


In this class you’ll learn about:

  • the one core HSP reason you get overwhelmed (no matter your precise circumstances)
  • a unique process to help you shift out of overwhelm in the moment (hint: it’s not a meditation nor a breathing technique!)
  • how to tailor this process to your unique circumstances
  • how to use this unique process to avoid getting overwhelmed in the first place! (it doubles up as a prevention and a cure!)


Let’s be clear, when you’re overwhelmed and stressed out, you’re no use to anyone, least of all yourself!

  • And if you just keep pushing on, chances are you need to redo things later, or you get sick and all that time you “won”, you now lose times 3!
  • Or maybe, you just don’t sleep well (5 hours at most) – because some people (raising my hand here) can keep going and going for a while but then sleep suffers, until you completely crash.

So avoiding overwhelm really is worth it. Not just for yourself, but also for your loved ones, colleagues and everyone and everything you care about!


“Thanks again for such an amazing, healing session during your live group class! I love the circles idea.” Cristina

“Thank you for this Caroline. It’s a great extra tool for me to see what I actually feel/think I need to do versus what can actually be prioritized for a different time.” Deena

“This was very helpful” Yvette

“These are all great tips” Erin

“Thank you so much! It was so helpfull” F├ítima





Tension Tactics Class

Do you try to keep the peace, but too often, nobody listens?

It’s frustrating right?

>>You can feel the tension in the room.
>>You notice the clash.
>>You anticipate the inevitable conflict.
>>You try to smoothe things over, but sometimes nothing you do is helping!
>>And now you’re stuck with a mess.


What to do?

This is actually a really common problem for Highly Sensitive People. We don’t like conflict and really would prefer it if everyone would just get along. Why is that so hard for people to do?

Anyhoo, while you’re trying so hard to keep the peace, all that peace-keeping work can be pretty exhausting. Especially when at the end of it, it doesn’t seem to matter one bit!

That is why I taught a live class on this topic. The recording of the class is available inside the Happy Sensitive Library, it’s called “Tension Tactics for HSPs”.


You’ll learn:

  • Why common peace-keeping strategies (that feel intuitive) often fail.
  • How these challenges are an invitation for you to grow (in ways you didn’t expect!)
  • A deeper understanding of what tensions and clashes are about at their root.
  • A technique to use in the moment to help you get results.
  • The HSP blind-spot that is making you work too hard.


“Awesome meditation! So beautiful and I felt more appreciation and beauty of differences💖” Susan

“Really helpful! Thank you!” Marcy

“This was awesome and very helpful! Thank you!” Deena




What to do with Anger

How do you handle anger in a way that doesn’t make you explode inappropriately, but also doesn’t make you implode over time?

In this class you’ll learn new strategies for dealing with anger and we’ll dive a little into the origin of “dysfunctional anger” so you can better understand why anger can be such a struggle.

This is helpful because it will give you more compassion for any struggles with feelings of anger.

If you worry about dealing with anger the right way, if you don’t want to be like your parents, but also if you “never get angry” this class is for you.

You can access the recording of it in the Happy Sensitive Library in the “Difficult Feelings” section.

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