Hi! Sorry to bug you with another step.

I just want to make sure you’re really clear on what the Community is and isn’t before you become a member.

You see, many people who visit this site have dealt with some pretty shitty things in their life. It’s natural to look for a place that can help. BUT – a Facebook group is NOT the place for that.

So it’s not a place to get help with being an empath, or help with being really really overwhelmed, or help with dealing with trauma or a narcissistic relationship or not knowing what your purpose is.

I created the community so HSPs have a place where they can share experiences of what it’s like to be Highly Sensitive and see that others get it. Yet, that’s not the same as having others sympathise with really painful and intense issues. Other members are sensitive too and if it becomes a place of sharing deep pain, then that quickly gets overwhelming.

Basically, we want to keep it fun and light. That doesn’t mean conversations can’t be meaningful, but think along the lines of a neigborhood cafe and not the kinds of conversations you’d have with a therapist.

I read the above and I agree! Now let me join!


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