Creating Space for Change (2): Winterwalk

by Caroline van Kimmenade

It all starts with space.

And awareness allows us to take steps to change anything that isn’t working for us. Wherever we go, we take our (busy) mind with us. So, unless we are already pretty relaxed, doing nothing or doing something very mellow can actually feel more ‘busy’ and stressful than not taking a break. When our minds are running around like hamsters, […]

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1 Kristin December 10, 2013

I love your idea about taking camera on a walk. Going out for a plain old walk while stressed is not fun. Trying to meditate during an anxiety attack is just as bad. If not worse. I laughed out Loud at How True This Is.

Also thought your take on Dogs And Cats and THEIR owners was awesome and hysterical.

Thanks Caroline
I’m GETTING IT more and more each day!

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