Training for Sensitives and Empaths

I currently have 5 training kits and resources.

These are downloadable programmes you can work through from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace.



The HSP Comfort Kit:


This is a 31-day email course that encourages you to accept and honour your sensitivity.

Magic happens when you stop fighting yourself by default.




“I’m glad I took the 30-day course [Comfort Kit] first – it provided me with wonderful insights and practical tips on dealing with overwhelm, and I still refer to this information regularly.” ~Portland, Oregon.


“Fantastic Comfort Kit material!! Have saved the daily emails and using it again as a daily exercise during a challenging phase. The extra bonus videos & resources are like gold to refer to when needing a reminder, support and pep. Thank you so much, highly valuable resource to have at hand for an HSP, like a 1st Aid kit :)” ~Allyson, New Zealand

The Energy Sensitivity Starter Kit


Do you feel that you often get overwhelmed by energy from others?

This Kit is for you if

  • you just newly learned that you are an empath
  • you are not sure if you are an empath
  • you know you’re not an empath but you are sensitive to energy from other people / you do pick up on more of your environment than most people

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  • Start to address the energy overwhelm so that you need less time to recover.
  • Learn how to get your focus back when you get sucked in by what’s happening around you.
  • Understand what is happening, why and what you can do about it.

This Kit is Woo-Woo Free

So if energy healing and all that kind of (really) freaks you out right now, no worries. Everything you’ll learn here fits within a really standard psychological framework. You’ll be able to understand this Kit using your every-day Grocery Shopping Mind :)

What’s in it:

  • This Kit has 3 audios with straight-forward practices and explanations. These will teach you how to be more grounded and present to your own thoughts and feelings (instead of those of other people). These are practical fixes that you can use during your day, in the moment when you get overwhelmed.
  • This Kit also includes a PDF worksheet that you can type on.

This Kit comes with a 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t find it useful, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the kit.

Buy the Energy Sensitivity Starter Kit now

Price: 20 euros, US$23.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.


This is a great Kit to get started with, even if you’re also interested in my full empath programme


The More Love Class


Learn a unique technique that helps you feel more loved right away.

Take this technique with you anywhere. Once you know how, you can do it quickly and wherever you need it.

This is a unique process that I intuitively downloaded. So as far as I know, you won’t find it anywhere else.


Happy Online Dating for Highly Sensitive People


Online dating can be one of the best ways to meet men, and also one of the most overwhelming!

In this Kit, I share practical strategies and positive reframes to help you get the most out of online dating, without getting exhausted and discouraged, so that you don’t give up before you found your dream guy!


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As a Highly Sensitive Person it’s normal to get overwhelmed and worn out more quickly, which is why it’s doubly important to date online in a way that feels good to you.

In fact, I believe online dating is an excellent way to meet men when you are highly sensitive.

When you know what you are doing, it’s less overwhelming than other forms of dating, and you can find your right guy more quickly.


This Kit includes audios with explanations and practical strategies on:


  1. What to do before you start dating – so you’re off to a flying start
  2. How to spot red flags early – so you don’t need to worry about wasting time dating the wrong men
  3. How to let go and avoid toxicity – so you don’t obsess over the wrong guys who will eat up your time and attention but instead make space for Mr. Right.
  4. How to stay positive when interactions go nowhere – dating can be tough, so you need to be smart about it and set yourself up for success.
  5. How to make dating easy by making it into a job (that takes little time) – because you won’t always feel like taking helpful action and riding on your whimsical intuition alone can get confusing and is just too much work.
  6. How to reframe rejection and even experience it as a good thing that can help you move forward – because you will get rejected, so the key is not to avoid it, but to embrace it and tap into the energy of rejection to propell your forward… towards Mr. Right!
  7. How to process icky dating experiences – sadly, they happen! But I’ll explain how you can let the dating process help heal you.


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If you are unhappy with this Kit, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing via email or

Why did I make this Kit?


It is my hope that this Kit will encourage HSPs who are ready for love to go out there and find their Mr. Right. We live in a digital age with lots of HSP friendly opportunities. You just have to know how to shuffle the cards in your favour.

As an HSP, chances are, love really matters to you. More than worldly success or anything else. But love doesn’t always find you automatically. That doesn’t mean it’s not meant to be, just that you and Mr. Future are not in the same circle, city or network, so you don’t cross paths.

And even if you did pass each other on the street, would you recognize him? We’re talking about a guy who is truly compatible, not a flashy eye-candy type with lots of bling! He may not stand out from the crowd. But he will stand out online when you and him make an effort to find each other.


P.S. Please note, I’ve created this Kit for HSP women looking for their dream guy. Many of the principles I share are gender neutral (and would also be helpful if you’re male, or if you’re gay or bisexual).

However, since my own experience is limited to dating men, I don’t want to presume to be able to advise on other possibilities. I also do include some tips that are very specific to HSP women dating men.

Meaning, if you’re not a woman looking for a man, you are welcome to purchase the Kit and will – I expect – find it helpful, but you’ll also come across some bits that are clearly not applicable to your situation.

Total play time of all 7 audios included: 1,5 hour.

Buy Happy Online Dating Now

Price: 40 euros, US$45.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.



Rediscovering Yourself & Having More Happiness


Do you feel like you need to take your life in a new direction, but you’re not sure where or how to start?


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Sometimes you reach a point where – in small or big ways – you feel like you need to start over. Life as it was just doesn’t feel right anymore. Or maybe it never did, but now you’re ready to do something about it – if only you knew what!

As a Highly Sensitive Person it’s easy to lose sight of what you truly want. There are so many voices telling us what to do: friends and family, co-workers and well-meaning advisors, societal ideals (which may not be right for you at all).

Where do you start with figuring out what to do next? How do you figure out what you want? How do you make sure it will actually work, and it’s not some fancy idea that sounds good but that won’t feel good in practice?

That’s where this little book comes in.

It’s a fillable PDF guide & workbook (you can type in it to keep track of your thoughts) that guides you through:

  • figuring out what you (will) enjoy even when you have no idea and everything seems bleak!
  • building on what is right for you so you’ll have more and more of it over time
  • practical steps to break down what you want into something doable
  • coming up with new things to explore if what you have now really isn’t working
  • staying focused so you make progress but don’t get overwhelmed
  • keeping everything small and doable, yet meaningful

14-day Money Back Guarantee if you’re unhappy with your purchase – Keep in mind though, it’s a workbook and guide, not a magic wand!

In my work with HSPs and empaths I’ve had a lot of practice in breaking down nebulous problems into doable steps. Figuring out what is right for you is doable, when you know how to break it down. This guide will show you how and walk you through it one bit at a time.


Buy Now and Get Started!

Price: 10 euros, US$11.

You can purchase with creditcard or PayPal.



Not sure what would be a fit for you?

Overall, the HSP Comfort Kit is a great place to start (unless you’re already an accomplished self-care ninja or advanced energy healer.)

Don’t think that’s quite it or are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Let me help you figure out what would help you most, and give you some clarity and tips to get started with. You can set up a Clarity Call with me here.

For bigger, deeper, more transformative solutions, also take a look at my coaching page for working with me 1-on-1.







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