Training for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths

I currently have 3 online self-study resources for Highly Sensitive People, Empaths, and folks in-between.

Of these there are currently 2 courses you can purchase once and access forever: ‘Mind Tidying’ and ‘How to Figure out if You are an Empath’ (details below)

Since I keep developing new materials, I decided in early 2019 to start offering all the self-study materials for Highly Sensitive People and Empaths in one place: The Happy Sensive Library (details below)


Mind Tidying

Does your mind need a breath of fresh, soothing air?

Learn how in just over an hour in the unique Mind Tidying Process for Highly Sensitive People.

You’ll learn a fun process for keeping overview, prioritizing and focusing on what’s next. Especially when your mind is getting overwhelmed by all the things, worried about everything and everyone, taking you on one stress loop after another and can’t seem to calm down…

Take a look at / purchase this course here.


price: 30 euros (US$33)

P.S. This Course is also included in the Happy Sensitive Library.


How to Figure out if You are an Empath

You’ve been reading about empaths. Much of it resonates with you.

However, just because it sounds like it might be you, doesn’t mean it is you. You want to make sure.
Especially because there is so much hype about empaths in some spaces and not all of it sounds real nor legit.

In this audio course I will share the ins and out of what empaths are exactly, the kinds of intuitive and energy sensitive experiences that seem like empath (but aren’t), and how to start discerning the differences.

Take a look at/ purchase this course here

price: 20 euros (US$22)


P.S. This Course is also included in the Happy Sensitive Library.




Do you have questions about:

  • sensitivity
  • subtle energy experiences
  • getting things done without spinning your wheels
  • what to do with overwhelming feelings
  • how to not get overwhelmed in crowded places
  • how to get grounded
  • how to build your energy back up when you’re exhausted
  • how to get more good stuff in your life
  • what to do with winter blues or summer stress
  • and many more HSP topics?

The Happy Sensitive Library includes over 40 different courses for Highly Sensitive People, with new resources added on an ongoing basis.

One single membership gives you access to all resources inside the Library. No drip-content. You get to dive right in to the topic calling to you most right now.

The Happy Sensitive Library contains big and little courses, podcasts, explanations, tips, techniques and meditations for Highly Sensitive People.

Includes ‘Mind Tidying’, ‘How to Figure out if You are an Empath’ and many more.

Memberships starts at 50 euros (US$54). Take a look at all topics and courses included, here.



Not sure what would be a fit for you?

If you’re not sure what exactly would help you most, the Happy Sensitive Library allows you to access and browse a whole host of resources to develop more inner clarity, grow your intuition, and have more energy.

Don’t think that’s quite it or are you feeling overwhelmed by all the options? Let me help you figure out what would help you most, and give you some clarity and tips to get started with. You can set up a Clarity Call with me here.

For bigger, deeper, more transformative solutions, also take a look at my coaching page for working with me 1-on-1.





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