Happy Sensitive Community


Is this you?

You want people in your life who understand your sensitivity. People with whom you don’t have to defend yourself, explain yourself or feel weird for being Highly Sensitive

You want to be part of a community that…

  • …is positive without being fake
  • …is compassionate, without being a “complain club”.
  • …has depth and facilitates conversations that truly feed you.

You’re looking for:

  • true connection, and new relationships that will take some time and energy to build, because you know these things matter deeply.
  • ways to develop your ability to be more of yourself and honour your sensitivity more.
  • some community structure above and beyond “how are y’all doin’?” You know it’s easiest to connect with others when you have something specific to do and discuss.
  • opportunities to celebrate your successes with people who will celebrate with you.

The Happy Sensitive Community includes:

 1. Facebook Group and/or Twist Group

You have a choice between our closed* Facebook Group and/or joining on a platform called Twist (Twist has no adds, no clutter and you control whether you get email notifications or not).

This is the online connection hub, notice board, and discussion springboard. There is a monthly HSP topic to help focus and stimulate discussion on what it means to be Highly Sensitive. I share articles several times a week that I do not share anywhere else. You also get access to exclusive podcasts made for the community.

*posts are only visible to other members in the group


2. Virtual 1-on-1 Tea

Each month, there is the option to meet 1-on-1 with one other person in the group. You can meet up with a new person each month. This way, over time, you can get to know the other people in the group as much more than Facebook picture squares that magically produce text somehow (which, let’s face it, gets old and weird after a while).

You’ll get a new HSP discussion exercise each month to do together (so you don’t have to have awkward “what shall we talk about?” silences). Of course, you’re welcome to dump the exercise and just chat too!


A group of HSPs is the perfect setting to explore how you can be more of your sensitive self in your communication with others (both inside and outside of the group). Many of us “hold back and hide” in various ways, to avoid being judged or overwhelmed. Unfortunately, that also stifles our creativity, self-expression, and our ability to feel good in our own skin and get all our needs met.


“Talking more openly here is definitely helping me to start doing this outside of the community too.” ~member

“I am so glad that everyone is here and so involved with the group (…) this group is a way of grounding for me. The things everyone shares help so much.” ~member

 “I’m so relieved to get on this page and read that someone else is feeling just as I have or has spoken my thoughts/concerns beautifully. Even if I don’t have the energy to engage at that particular moment, someone is doing or saying something divine, and it helps a LOT! Thank you” ~member


Why I started this community

Many of the clients I have worked with over time would mention that they didn’t know any other people who were also Highly Sensitive. As a result, the only sounding board they had for what was “normal” for HSPs was me!

I know there are so many little ways in which it’s hard to believe that your sensitivity is normal. When you are the only HSP you know, it’s hard to imagine that there are plenty of other people out there who share your sensitivities.

That’s why I started this group. I know how much of a difference it can make when you hear from others who say “me too”… instead of “what do you mean?”. When you really “get” that you are not alone, that you are truly Highly Sensitive and that there are many others in the world who share those traits, this will boost your confidence and clarity in who you are. It means you can stop apologising for being different. It also means you can ask others about how they deal with their high sensitivity in all the little ways this shows up in daily life.


What I want for you:

It is my wish that this community will provide you with the support and inspiration that will encourage you to express more and more of your authentic joyful sensitive self. Whether that be at home, at work, with friends, or in your projects or business.

It’s also my wish that this be a fun community. One for silly humor and deep inspirational discussion.

Lastly, it is my wish that over time, you’ll be able to look back and see that you made some true HSP friends here.


Member Testimonials:

“Caroline’s community is priceless. The $20 or so invest every month leads to wonderful returns on my investment. First, the community is amazing. They are warm, gracious, conscientious and authentic. I have always walked through life feeling quirky odd and not quite belonging. Here I found my surrogate family. Second, the resources shared here are wonderful! Books, videos, freebies, even technology and business tools “preapproved” by others with similar tendencies and boundary challenges. Third, Caroline is simply the best. She allows herself to be vulnerable in a gentle way…clearly showing her knowledge but also beautiful authentic “humaness” so I don’t feel so alone in this strange world. And most importantly! This community is uber private! And this concept is repeated in written posts to all of our relief often as reassurance. I cannot say enough great things about this community. If you have taken Caroline’s courses and feel in need of reciprocal support, this is definitely the best place to be. It is magical.” ~ Sarah C., Hawaii


“I just joined this awesome community two weeks ago and already I’m feeling very much supported and in awe of the beautiful talents of members of this group! The virtual tea is a lovely way to connect too and I truly appreciate the podcasts Caroline has done even though I don’t usually listen to podcasts because I used to find them too long-winded. Thank you for creating this wonderful online community and your loving support!” ~B.


What this group isn’t

Many people who visit my site have questions about energy: “I think I may be an empath. Are all these emotions I’m feeling mine? “How do I let go of energy overwhelm?” “I’m an empath and need help!” Please note, these are not questions that can be answered in an online group. It’s too complicated and confusing. If you need help with empath experiences then I have a specific programme to help you here.

If you’re going through a really rough time and need a support group, please note that this group is not it! This is not a place for therapy, counseling or ready-made friends. The other people here are sensitive and more easily overwhelmed too and while this is a supportive group, it can only be so in moderation. This is mainly a space to share experiences with being Highly Sensitive and meeting other people who understand.

Join the Community!

The membership fee is 9 euros per month ( approx. US Dollars: $11 per month )

I really want to make this place accessible for as many people as possible, regardless of income.

However, there has been some nastiness in the past due to some people joining and then filing mean paypal disputes because they didn’t read what they actually signed up for (Good news, those people leave the group quickly without talking to anyone. Bad news, they cost me a LOT of time.)

So I’ve added a “bouncer”. He’s big and handsome (believe me!), just like at a nightclub and he will ask you some questions below to make sure you know what club you’re trying to get into.

After giving paypal permission to collect the monthly membership fee*, you’ll be redirected to the community on FB – please request to join!

*Membership is monthly. If at any time you want to leave, just log into your paypal dashboard and cancel the recurring subscription. 

My favorite part of the community is being accepted for who you are, and getting to talk to other people that just “get” you. I love the virtual teas where you partner up with another member and chat. I have learned so much from these conversations and love putting a face with the people I meet in the facebook group. I also love the community calls, and all of the topics we work through together and support each other with. Although I go through periods of high activity and low activity in the actual facebook group, I know that no matter what, this supportive, loving group is there.That in and of itself means the world to me. Thank you Caroline for starting this group, I am so grateful to be a part of it!Amanda


Questions you may have:


“How many people are in the group?” – a little over 50 people at the moment (spread out over both groups).

“Do I need to be on Facebook to get something out of the community?”

No, you can also join us on Twist.

Although – if you’ve been avoiding Facebook for privacy reasons, know that we have a closed group: this means that only members can see what is posted in our group.

“What is Twist?”

Twist is a new platform that is clean and organised and basically very HSP-friendly. Only people in the group can read comments, or even see who is in it, so it’s very private.

Twist has no adds, no clutter. We have organised discussion threads and there is also a place to chat freely (so you don’t have to worry about where your comment or question fits). You can join from your browser, or with one of the desktop apps (Windows, Mac) or mobile apps (android, iOS).

Getting started was super easy to do, and I really like the first feel of this platform.E. member
It usually takes me a while to get into something new. It seems simple though.H. member


“How does the subscription work?”

To join, you tick a few boxes on a form (step 1) and then proceed to set up a paypal subscription (step 2). You’ll be redirected to a page with the links to join us on Twist and/or Facebook. You’ll also receive this info to your paypal email.

You can cancel your membership at any time from your paypal dashboard. When you cancel, you have access to the community until the end of your paid subscription month.



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