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If you want to- you can get further guidance by doing the 5min. meditation on the left. Just decide (a.k.a. set the intention) that you want clarification on how this card applies to your own life (or ask for general insight). The meditation is all about revealing what you need to know, have, be or do most right now.

How random/applicable is the card you pulled?


1 Seren August 7, 2013

I pulled a “random card” …I use quotes because the HSP card was anything but random! Id say that I pulled a “Confirmation Card ” – in perfect timing of course! The card basically backs my own intuition guidance up : When dealing with those who expose your weakness in order to hurt you/ manipulate you The HSP asks one to think and decide ” are you gonna waste time/ energies “getting even” or
” attacking them or are you going to spend time healing that hurt that was exposed ?” I vote to heal the wound (get to the source) – which is not always easy , fast or convenient but surly and most definitely worth it to me!

2 Caroline van Kimmenade August 19, 2013


3 Ausra October 10, 2013

I pulled Highly Scapegoated person card, what it so perfect timing also for my situation. I just ended relationship with the man having narcissistic traits. So often I was blamed that I say or do something wrong. Sometimes from nowhere he got his frustration and usually it ended up being my fault. Usually to keep the peace I did apologize expecting to get him into good mood. He wasn’t able to tell first what is going wrong or what he don’t like in certain situation. He was still taking care of me, but his silent behavior for me being HSP was judging and not comfortable to be around. I understand that keeping the peace and taking blame is not the same, but it looked the best way to fix situation at those moments.

4 Ritu February 7, 2014

Wow… I loved this. I got: ” Sometimes, people are so convincing because they are so convinced. Yet, that doesn’t mean they are right.”

This really spoke to me. I think that a lot of the time, I am not half as sure of what I believe in as the other person is. It’s probably got to do with the fact that I am an empath and I look at every side, inside of trying to promote my own position. BUT that makes it extremely hard in situations where i am trying to defend something I really value. My tendency is to give the other person the benefit of the doubt and accomodate too much. This is a wonderful reminder.

I have been reading your posts for quite some time. You do a great job. Keep going !

5 Michelle March 18, 2014

Are you sure that the way we experience the world is not the way most people do? Many replies echo my experiences. The card I pulled was the one about how we keep going back to the people that hurt us, in a subconscious request for a redo. This is very familiar. I am in a downward spiral, so I stopped going to the person for a redo. I am beginning to learn about narcissism and that if this person is a narcissist, he will never care about or understand anything that I feel. The fact that I would keep going to him for this “redo” ( reconciliation) would in fact cause me more hurt and pain… and give him more power over me. All that ever happened is that he would blame me for whatever it was that hurt me and I would agonize over it, thinking it true, and hate myself more for it.

6 Kristie August 9, 2014

I got, “You had it all sorted out, then life happened. Pay attention to how life is helping you create a better, bolder version of what you had in mind.” – exactly how I feel at the moment and have felt for the last 18 months. During that time I have felt nothing but overwhelmed and it is exhausting! I can’t even communicate properly with people around me, literally forgetting words and phrases mid-sentence and my nerves feel shattered! I certainly hope life is creating a better, bolder version because it is hard to see how at the moment – I do have faith though :)

7 Carol April 12, 2015

This is sooooooo true. I put pressure on myself all the time… be creative and pick up that paint brush again……to be better….to try harder….to be more accepting….more loving……less judgemental. Always trying to be something I’m not. Forgetting my sensitivity. Comparing myself to others and feeling my ‘contribution’ is so pathetic. When I read this over, I really see that’ I am not on my side at all.. So, no pressure, I’m going to just let it go and tune in to me.
Thanks for all your wisdom.

8 Clare Colins July 16, 2017

‘Me too :)
I try too hard to ease others’ pain and suffering by being thoughtful and kind.
Sometimes I need to be kinder to myself.

9 Dea August 16, 2015

The card I pulled was exactly what I needed at this very moment. I also listened to the 5 minute meditation which was very helpful. I now feel more centered and was able to let go of the problem that overtook me and I am more calm. I’m happy to be an Intuitive HSP Empath. I am just learning to find the balance needed. Thank you for the work you do :)

10 Anne February 1, 2017

Sometimes when we put too much pressure on ourselves to “stay open”
We actually shut down completely.

It seems as if it’s a universal message, as I am in a “healing” group that has asked me to look at my own wounds because I didn’t agree with a post about using the terminology “sin”
I have come away as to agreeing that I should look at my own spiritual wounds, and as I am doing so, I am feeling my navigation system telling me “you are going back, not forward”
I had been good at using these feelings as to indicate you have healed enough from this subject, it’s times to move on. But it seems I have ignored it or refused to acknowledge my inner knowing. I am testing the universe it seems, as I know I am supposed to be feeling more vibrant, yet I keep going back into this group where healing is at all different vibrations. And I can’t seem to maintain my vibration without causing some slight or defence mechanism.
This random card just knows my feeling tonight.

11 Bonnie April 9, 2017

Hi Caroline – I enjoyed the HSP Kit and the card I pulled today, “If you are willing to hear your pain deeply, it will guide you to your truth and joy”, is applicable to something that had been going through my mind about connecting emotionally to people, past and present. In the past, I’m not sure I truly showed appreciation for those around me, but I’m thinking that is because I had turned my feelings off so that I don’t get hurt. But in the present, I’m learning to balance my energies and emotions.

12 Rimma May 30, 2017

Negative self-talk, self-doubts….the card is all me….I am still spending some time there….but now I surrounded myself with many “Morpheus’s”, who believes in me and tells me that I am ‘The One’ , that I can (they show me the ‘evidences’) and I need to believe in myself more. The process of knowing myself helps me believe in myself. But, yeahh…voice in my head often sounds very convincing. It says in the one book that when we get too critical toward ourself, it is the time for us to become angry and use that anger toward our inner critic and tell him to shut up and stop criticizing us. It is just a voice, so no need to be afraid or ashamed of whatever it says.

13 J July 3, 2017

“Love Yourself Anyway”
As I am currently recovering from a revenge hoover to be discarded by my covert narc ex after ending the relationship three months prior. Trying to explain to a friend why I’m even vulnerable to him still and I get a “you’re letting him get to you”. People don’t understand it’s not like a normal breakup at all. I’m feeling myself over coals for it as it is for succumbing to his lies again to feel fleetingly loveable. So is a well timed card to pull.

14 TiffanyBlue November 6, 2017

The card I got was ‘Highly Scapegoated’ which indeed resonates.

I’m grateful to have stumbled upon your website this evening. Everything I’ve read so far feels as though it were written just for me. (You even have us draw *cards*!?! Perfect.)

Thank you for the wealth of information you’ve made available. Looks like I will be lingering here and learning here for awhile […]

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