Training for Sensitives and Empaths

service basics noteAre you fed up with being highly-sensitive? Do you hate being a “suffering sponge” empath?
You can not stop being sensitive

but you can certainly be happy and sensitive!

(Psssst. Being sensitive is not really the problem. It’s not knowing all that you need to know about it that is!)

As a HSP and/or empath you are sensitive to energy. You pick up on a lot more “stuff” than most other people do, which is often confusing and overwhelming…until you learn what to do about it.

Mood swings, inexplicable aches and pains, feeling overwhelmed, being sucked into other people’s drama’s and feeling drained…
In order to make your sensitivity work for you you need to recognize:

- what exactly is going on
- what to do about it

I currently have three training programmes:

  1. One is designed specifically for people who are deeply affected by the emotions of others (and basically everything around them). It is called “from suffering sponge to sensitive savant”. This 4-month programme is offered several times a year, take a look…
  2. The programme “How to be Heart-Centered” will teach you how to decipher your intelligent yet also complex sensitive intuition AND I will teach you a unique technique for accessing inner peace. The combination of knowing how to access inner peace anywhere, and knowing how to understand your advanced intuitive radar, is a very powerful addition to both your skillset, your ability to follow your heart, and simply feel good during your day. Read more…
  3. The HSP Comfort Kit is a 31-day low cost DIY course that encourages you to accept and honour your sensitivity. Magic happens when you stop fighting yourself by default. Read more…

For most sensitives, I do recommend a combination of programmes, but depending on what is going on in your life, you’d be better off starting with one or the other.

Overview of Happy Sensitive Services:

(scroll over any of the images and click on the pop-up link to go to the respective programme info page)



How is what I offer different?

1 – I don’t teach shielding. Many people seem to think that shielding is THE solution. I disagree. Instead, I teach you how to consciously unravel draining interactions. I think this is a lot more empowering. (To shield yourself means to come from a worldview in which you are constantly attacked. Such a view in itself is unnecessarily depressing and draining. )

2 – I have distilled a lot of healing tools and practices down to a few basic tools that you can learn in a short period of time. These tools are enough to work through most of your sensitive suffering. While I do not deny that therapy can be useful, much sensitive “suffering” is actually a lot like “being smelly because nobody showed you how your shower works”. Once you get that shower to work, things will get a LOT easier.

3 – I know that you are unique, and not waiting for another cookie-cutter approach. So everything I offer is customized. I teach you how and why things work, so that you can tweak practices to suit you. I also support you with customized solutions and private coaching.

4 – I have a systemized approach to help you understand and work with your sensitive nervous system. This goes way beyond saying “you need more time to process things”. When you understand how your nervous system works, you’ll no longer be mystified about stress and you’ll know how to stay out of it.

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