What is Clair-Sentience and how is it Different from Being an Empath?

A lot of people assume empath is the same as clair-sentient. It’s not.

When I work with empaths, I teach them how to be clair-sentients. Clair-sentients feel energy from others, this is natural, but what they are feeling at any moment depends on where they put their focus.

Empaths on the other hand feel a lot of things from other people in a way they have no conscious control over and then they absorb that energy and carry it around with them.

Clair-sentients can feel like they are carrying around energy from other people, but it’s basically because they have a habit of focusing on someone. For clair-sentients, focus is everything.

Let’s compare it to the news.

Empaths feel the news happening, whether they have the news channel on or not.

Clair-sentients feel the news happening because they are constantly checking the news online, on tv, on the radio… This can be a really ingrained habit. Like: sending someone an email… oh, let’s quickly check CNN.

Now, I don’t mean this literally. What I mean is that clair-sentients get overwhelmed because their attention goes out to others.

When you are clair-sentient and constantly picking up on what is going on with others, it’s because you are constantly leaving your own body. You don’t stay in your own energetic home. You constantly roam around the neighbourhood visiting the homes of others. This can be such a habit that it feels like you have no control over it, but you do!

I explain more on how this works, and what you can do to work on this in the Energy Sensitivity Starter Kit.

In rare cases, clair-sentients have subconscious patterns that make them roam around the neighbourhood on autopilot. But, this is rare. Mostly, it feels like autopilot because you’ve been doing it your whole life. But you’re actively doing it.

When you’re clair-sentient, you HAVE to practice being o.k. with conflict. Why? Because conflict means: “we are different” “we occupy different spaces”.

When you avoid conflict and try to blend / be one with / understand others, chances are you are simply not in your own body. So you don’t know what’s happening there. So now there is only one perspective left, your perspective is gone (you don’t feel it) and tadaa. gone is any conflict!

This is not a solution to conflict, it’s giving your power away and it creates an illusion of harmony. It’s an illusion: “I feel what you feel, therefore we are on the same page, therefore there is no conflict!”

When you abandon your body like that, your own emotions will tend to pile up, especially anger. Because anger is the emotion of conflict. Anger (and rage and hatred) are saying: I am different, I want/need something else, I don’t agree.

So seeking out your anger and learning to be with it helps you ground in your body.

It also means the Kumbayah Let’s Hold Hands and Everything will Go Away illusions will dissipate. They weren’t true harmony, they need to go.

The Energy Sensitivity Kit gives you ways to practice being in your own body, and more explanations on all this. In rare cases, this is not enough and it’s also necessary to do subconscious work. But, start with the Kit.

You will likely feel lots of resistance to practicing being in your own body. This resistance can feel like the problem must run much deeper. Yet, most of the time it’s just because breaking a habit it hard, and you need to focus on making tiny improvements every day. If you can only focus on your own body and feelings for 3 seconds before getting distracted, then practice staying for 4 seconds. After that, go to five. Slowly move forward like this. That’s the work clair-sentients need to do..


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“I was told I carry energy from other people and have had healings done to remove that energy. So, I don’t think I’m just clairsentient, how is this possible?”

If I told you that I found no evidence of you being an empath, but you were told by others that you are, there are a few possibilities:

1. Language Confusion

You can learn something (directly or indirectly) from e.g. a parent, when in fact, that way of being is not natural to you. Some practitioners will describe that as that you’re holding on to things that are not yours. However, this is different from how empaths carry energy from others.

The difference is like this:

  • (scenario 1) You’re a kid and your parent forces you to build a model airplane you don’t even like. They make you display it in your room and expect you to play with it even though you hate doing so. So in a way, you are going along with the “energy” of the parent and are burdened by that, but you did build the plane yourself.
  • Compare this with (scenario 2): Your parent keeps building model airplanes and storing them in your room. It takes up all your play space. They even come into your room to play with their airplanes when you’re trying to sleep!

Scenario 2 is more like what carrying energy is like for empaths – it’s a metaphor of course. So, you may have learned to do things your parents’ way and it doesn’t suit you, but this is not the same as being an empath.

2. You absorbed energy as a baby

When we’re tiny babies, we are all – empaths or not – more open and porous to the world. So it is possible to absorb certain energies from others when you are very small, and then stop doing that once you get older. In this case, a practitioner can remove that energy from the past and once it’s removed, you’re done. You’re not an adult empath, you did take on a few burdens as a small child.

3. Talk Therapy Confusion

Depending on how the practitioner came to their assessment, it’s possible that they correctly picked up on the fact that you do identify with energy from others. But this happens when you are not grounded in your own body and are instead moving into someone else’s space. So if a practitioner e.g. lets you describe what you feel and tells you ‘hey, I don’t think this is you’ but they don’t check why you are walking around with this feeling, then they can end up conflating clair-sentience with being an empath.

4. Generational  / Ancestral Energies

We all also carry emotions and patterns passed down from our fore fathers. These may be issues we also live in our own life, or they may be feelings and thoughts that don’t match our own life at all. Technically, these are also energies from other people that you carry, but this happens in all families. It’s not the same as being an empath, as the energies empaths carry are not limited to family.

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