What About the Winter Blues?

I met a girl once who said she absolutely adored winter.

She was the exception, for sure. I’m pretty sure she is the only one I’ve met so far who truly loved a dark winter (as in: Northern Hemisphere, cold, maybe snow, maybe just a lot of rain, shorter days, grumpier people…)

I think most of us prefer milder climates. It’s just easier.

But! We have to make the most of the weather we get, right?

So one thing I’ve been interested in the last couple of years is studying how you can actively make winter a feel-better time.

As it turns out, there’s a lot you can do!

And, I know it may seem early days still. But one of the key things I’ve learned is that winters are so so so much easier when you start doing a few things early on. As in: starting early November!

When you wait to google solutions or take action until it’s Mid-January, you’re kinda too late.

It’s like how it’s much easier to get ready for a big trip by making a list of items to take with you, shopping for those, and packing about a week in advance (so that when you can’t find your bathing suit – at all – there’s time to buy another one. And when you need to wash a bunch of things to take with you, you have the time). Except, with getting ready for winter, it’s all a lot more gradual. And making the most of Fall really helps with softening Winter Blues, when you know what to do that is.

So, I’ve written a bunch of emails on the topic. You can get them by putting your email into the form below.


Not seeing the form? Click here.

For a limited time, I’ll also be making available a small yet effective- affordable – downloadable kit that helps you change how you deal with winters. The emails will tell you more about that too.

I believe it’s a really important topic.

Too many people are suffering in silence, ashamed of how they feel, or soldiering on, or pretending they’re o.k.

Even if you truly are o.k., it’s worth exploring how you can make the absolute most of winter, not just get by!


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