And you don’t have to

The only question is: Is being a giver working for you?

If it is, perfect! Done!

But if not… here’s my take on things:

Mother Nature is SMART. She doesn’t create beings that are meant to self-destruct and suffer endlessly. So if you’re convinced that being a giver is who you ARE, but it’s causing you a lot of pain, then -somehow- you are doing things that are not about who you naturally ARE but rather about who you believe you’re SUPPOSED to be.

Make sense?

You’re welcome to disagree. But that’s my take on pretty much everything concerning sensitivity. If it’s not making your life better, then there has got to be another way, you are MEANT to find a better way.

The More Good Stuff Project is about bringing more good stuff into your life, and looking at what is preventing that. Whatever is preventing more good stuff is not “life itself”. There are a million tiny choices we make each day through our habits and words and expectations. Those can change.

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