Meet: your mind

A quiet mind is a happy mind, peaceful, productive, creative. I don’t particulary endorse the many schools of thought who seem to want to “stop” the mind for getting in our way. The mind is a very loving and helpful part of us, if only we give clear directions! It’s like a little child jumping up and down and yelling: what can I do, what can I do? You see, minds like to solve problems. So, when we let them tackle unsolvable issues, unimportant problems or try to “turn them off”, we make our mind into our enemy (it becomes very loud and noisy then!)

So, two ways to get our minds to work smoothly and quietly:
1. “Catch” the mind when it is doing something it isn’t good at and instead give it something to do that it IS good at. Minds love to be busy, so give yours something good to work on!

2. Get your mind involved in the exciting project of “observation”. Tell your mind: “we are going to get some formidable results, just by observing what is happening, and I need your help to do it!” Explain to your mind, that – just for a bit- we are not going to do the usual problem solving, but that afterwards, we will do some really cool problem solving based on the things we discovered during observation!

You see, it is not the mind that is the problem, it is the way that we have been conditioned to use it that – if anything – is at fault. There are many things that the mind was never MEANT to be involved in, but, just as we would with a child that is too small to join in, we still want to acknowledge it and be nice to it. So, a variety of approaches to make the most of your beautiful mind:

Rethinking Regrets (Using Bus Stops)

December 22, 2011

I sometimes catch myself thinking: “in retrospect, such and such that I did then wasn’t so useful. A waste of time and money” And once I start down that track, I can usually think of many many ways in which these activities were a waste of time and money. How silly. Really. Silly because, would […]

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Creating Space for Change (1)

December 27, 2011

It all starts with space. And awareness allows us to change anything that isn’t working for us. So, this week, a special series devoted to making space.

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Thinking Backwards versus Moving Forward

July 31, 2011

I’m not sure why, but I notice that I, and I think most of us, tend to think backwards. When something happens in our lives, we tend to go back in time to figure out why this event took place. “Was it something I said to Mary?” “Was it because I should’ve gone to a […]

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