How to Let Go

8 Reasons Why Letting Go Can Be Extra Hard for HSPs

January 7, 2013

How often have people told you to just let go? It’s annoying right? Letting go isn’t all that straightforward. Here’s 8 reasons why letting go can be especially tricky for us HSPs. 1. A sense of “things shouldn’t be this way”. You’re right that they shouldn’t.  Yet, is your sense of indignation keeping you from […]

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HSP Dilemma: what to do when you can’t stop a conflict no matter what

April 22, 2014

I think it’s fair to say that we HSPs generally don’t like conflict. Stop the war! Stop the bickering! Stop the mounting tension! Ah, if only we could stop it. Yet conflict is part of life. If we get too obsessed with resolving it, then we become a stomped-on doormat. In our desire to create […]

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