Understanding Emotions

Are your emotions giving you a hard time? Have you been told that you are too emotional? What is most people actually repress their emotions because they have no idea how to deal with them. Would that throw a different light on your confrontation with what you feel?

1 Essential HSP Way to Reframe How We Relate to Emotions

February 10, 2013

As HSP’s we can get VERY emotional. We just feel a lot, we notice a lot. There is NOTHING wrong with that. However, you’ll find that, depending on how you RELATE to those emotions, you may get very overwhelmed and distracted by them. This video is on how to remedy that:

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5 Ways to Deal with Your Feelings Without Having To

February 28, 2019

There are a lot of ways of dealing with your feelings without actually dealing with them. Let me count the ways!     1 – Suppressing them   You seal them in a tiny black box and never look at them again. The problem? They’re still there. It’s like taking all your bills and dumping […]

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