That Sucks. And it can happen

You did see the 2 for 1 deal right? You can split the bill with a friend, if that helps.



P.S. Sometimes people ask me about bartering. I don’t barter. To me, bartering just boils down to spending (a lot of) extra time, negotiating a trade for something that I would not otherwise buy right now. That doesn’t mean the bartering item or service doesn’t have value, just that, if I wanted it right now, I would purchase it instead.

If you have something to barter, I suggest finding someone to sell it to. Someone who buys from you is someone who truly values your work. Then you can use that money to purchase things you want. (Or you can barter with people who like to barter, for things they want to barter with you. That means you have less choice about what you can get, because you have to find someone who values what you have, as much as you value what they have in that moment. And that’s a tricky thing. I think people invented money once upon a time to make those transactions less complicated)

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