Language of Sensitivity Programme: Write your Path

Your sensitive abilities are fine-tuned to observe the world in detail.

Doing so effectively without getting overwhelmed is your ability to read your sensitive language; you can decipher it and make sense of it, so it’s not a chaos of gibberish flooding your brain and body. You listen to the feelings, body reactions, images, ideas and words that your body and soul are sending you and you can make sense of them.

You’ve already discovered how much powerful and helpful information your sensitivity is giving you.

Once you are able to effectively “read” your sensitivity in this way, you can also learn to write with it. This means that besides knowing how to understand what is happening around you – without getting overwhelmed – and besides understanding what is happening inside of you – without freaking out or avoiding – you can also use your sensitivity to guide and direct your life.

Instead of only using your sensitivity to read what is going around you, you will be able to use it to write your own life story, and make it happen.

The question then becomes: where do you want to go? What do you want to create? What is holding you back? How can your sensitivity actually help you overcome those barriers? How can you build the life you want, in a way that is sensitive-friendly? 

You may not know where you want to go or what you want to create. In fact, figuring that out may be your prime concern right now: how do you use all your sensitive abilities and gifts as a foundation for your life? How can those abilities guide you when you feel like you’re about to pioneer something unknown, blindfolded?

You see, writing your life, using your language of sensitivity happens one paragraph, one chapter at a time. You don’t get to read the backflap of the book to see where you’re headed, because the book hasn’t been written yet.

This way of manifesting is not about creating a vision board of your ‘perfect life’ and then hammering out the bullet point actions steps to get there. It’s not about pushing yourself to make things happen! Instead, it’s a process of discovery, in the moment. It’s about learning how to use everything that is happening in your life as a tool for direction and insight. It’s about finding the essence of what you want, and staying true to that, while also being flexible and open to what shows up in your life.

This is a process of creativity and trust. It’s quite different from the “want this – do that” linear model we’ve been taught to achieve with.

In the beginning there is no path. A path is formed when many people walk in the same directionunknown

This quote has stuck with me for years (I can’t seem to locate the source) and it is the essence of this work. But how do you know where to go if you are the first one creating a new path?

This is where learning how to write and create with your sensitive language comes in. Also, having a guide comes in pretty handy!

As a clairsentient I can feel where you’re at. I can feel what feels expansive and light and possible for you, and I can feel where there are hurdles that need to be addressed to get you unstuck. This is not about my plan for your life, this is about your plan for your life.

Right now, you may have some ideas or just a vague inkling of something. That’s o.k. A new book starts with one word. Your new path starts with one tiny thing too. It will grow bigger and clearer the more you listen to it and take steps.

I can offer you a first step.

If we’ve never talked before, please schedule a Clarity Call first. During the Call we’ll assess where you’re at and whether the Language of Sensitivity Programme would be helpful for you right now (If so, you’ll receive the opportunity to schedule a follow-up in the form of a complementary Language of Sensitivity Exploration Session). If I think a different programme would be more effective for you right now, I’ll tell you. My goal is to help get you to where you want to go reliably and sustainably.

If we’ve worked together before, you can schedule a complementary Language of Sensitivity Exploration Session with me to explore where you want to go, what you know and don’t know, and how writing your language of sensitivity can help you get there. Just contact me via email or my contact form to request an invite.

Practical Details about the Programme:

We meet twice per month. We decide together – in advance- how long sessions need to be: one hour, 1,5 hours or 2 hours. If we’ve worked together before then we’ll have a pretty good sense already of what session length works well for you.

We decide how long it makes sense to work together – this depends on your situation and goals. Minimal commitment is 6 months.


Minimum investment for the programme (based on meeting for 6 months, twice per month, for one hour) is 1500 euros (in full) or 250 euros per month.

Content of Calls:

We’ll use one call per month to focus on discerning where you are headed. We’ll use the other call to discern what is holding you back and do healing work to dissolve fears and blocks that are getting in your way.


Your sensitivity is a finely tuned language.

It doesn’t respond well to rough or agressive tactics.

That’s why I believe in learning how to create in a gentle way.

Yes, you do need to take action. Yet, it’s so much easier to take action when the path is cleared internally first.

By taking inner healing steps, before taking outer action steps, you help yourself get into a creative flow, which makes manifesting much easier and enjoyable.

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