Let’s Hone Your Inbuilt Navigation System

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Taking good care of you is the foundation to growing your intuitive abilities

It’s not the exotic, dramatic “amazing super power” intuition that helps you most. Rather, it’s the subtle daily cues that you receive that are your most powerful guidance system.

And yet, because it’s so subtle, it’s easy to overlook, or dismiss.

This complementary Kit is not about initiations, channeling or spirit-guides, but about simple, daily ways to strengthen your intuitive power.

How do I know this matters? I work with a lot of sensitive and gifted people. Many of whom have plenty of amazing intuitive and healing abilities. Yet often, the things that are really missing for them are the daily, practical acknowledgement of and listening to the “everyday” intuitive clues they get.

This kind of daily intuitive practice is greatly overlooked in many training programmes. This lack of practical intuitive validation keeps people stuck in ways they deep down know aren’t right for them, and it makes intuitively gifted people doubt their own insights.

What if your quirky, weird, uncomfi sensitive inner signs, are not a sign of wrongness, but of knowing?


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