Hi there,

I love participating in podcasts, interviews and telesummits about sensitivity, health, burn-out prevention and other topics I talk about on my website.

There are a few ways in which I am (perhaps) a little unconventional, so I’d like to share these upfront:

  • I’m happy to promote the podcast  / interview series / telesummit etc but I absolutely abhor and refuse to send out standard promotional emails. Communication with my tribe is very precious to me and I always write to them in my own voice. If you’re happy for me to announce the summit in my own way to my list and on social media then that’s great! If you must insist that I send out your carefully crafted text, then I understand, but am not a fit for your project and must decline. Also note that I do not email my list often, so I can only send out one promotional solo email.
  • If we don’t know each other then let’s meet for a casual skype chat first! That way I can get to know you a little and when we have our recorded talk, we won’t be two complete strangers and we will have already been able to identify some points of connection. You can set up a time with me here
  • I assume that you’ll share the recording as-is (so not editing out parts of the conversation). If you plan to record a long chat and then edit out what you deem inessential then I must decline. I understand that editing a talk after can make it that much sharper but -personally- I am not comfortable with this. Partly this is because I see these conversations as something sacred, meaning: there’s more at work than just you and me and there’s more to the conversation than the words themselves. For this and other (harder to define) reasons, I only want to participate in recorded conversations that are shared as a whole.
  • Last but not least, please send me everything you need from me (bio specifics, picture requirements, dates or other things) in one email from the start so I can get everything sorted in one go and we don’t need to go back and forth on “one more thing” that you need from me “asap”. Little tasks here and there stress me out and my way to resolve that is to batch-address them in one afternoon so it’s all done.

Thanks so much for reading!






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