You’ve enrolled in the From Suffering Sponge to Sensitive Savant Empath Training Programme. High-five!

Together, we’ll work on your empath skills.

However, doing this work can be kind of lonely. So that’s why as part of the course, you have 4 months of free access to the online Happy Sensitive Community.

There are usually just a handful of people doing the empath programme at any one time who are interested in meeting up online. So I don’t have a separate community just for empaths. Rather, the Community is a mix of HSPs and empaths (and everthing inbetween!). Some members are doing a course with me and many aren’t. In the community we talk about all kinds of aspects of being Highly Sensitive.

It may seem a bit odd to have everyone in one group, but what I’ve found over time is that there are big common denominators among all kinds of sensitive people. Yes, some of your struggles are very specific empath struggles (that’s why you’re doing the course!), but there will also be plenty of things that other non-empaths deal with as well. (You are essentially empath + hsp: it’s like being a member of two somewhat overlapping clubs)

The community is a great place to discuss these shared sensitivities, like: getting overwhelmed by noise or not having enough time to yourself, sleeping tips and discussions on how to handle difficult people for example.

My favorite part of the community is being accepted for who you are, and getting to talk to other people that just “get” you…Amanda


The Happy Sensitive Community is much more than an online group or forum. 


1. Private Group on Twist or Facebook. (join one, or both!)

The community started on Facebook only, but I’ve recently opened a group on a new app called Twist. You can join on one platform or both. Both receive the same main information from me. Some people are in both groups but most are in one or the other.

Twist is a new platform that is clean (no ads) and organised (with discussion threads). Only people in the group can read comments, or even see who is in it, so it’s very private. You can join from your browser, or with one of the desktop apps (Windows, Mac) or mobile apps (android, iOS).

On Twist we also have a small subgroup that is only for empaths doing the empath programme. This is like a VIP lounge within the bigger club where you can meet a few other people doing the course.

On Facebook we have a private group, so other people can see you are in the group, but only members can see posts. (we don’t have a subgroup on Facebook for empath course members at this point).



 2. Exclusive Content

On both Twist and Facebook there is a monthly HSP topic on which I’ll share several articles a week (that I don’t share anywhere else). This way you’ll learn more about being HSP each month both from me and from others in the group (through discussions). You can post your questions and insights. You’ll receive tips on handling overwhelm and practical ways to enjoy your sensitivity.

You also receive exclusive podcasts that I make for the community.

I truly appreciate the podcasts Caroline has done even though I don’t usually listen to podcasts because I used to find them too long-winded.B.



3. Virtual 1-on-1 Tea

Each month, there is the option to meet 1-on-1 with one other person in the group and discuss a specific HSP topic together. You’ll receive a different discussion exercise each month – related to that month’s theme – to help you learn something practical about how your own sensitive nature works.

You can meet up with a new person each month. You can also join in every once in a while, depending on the topics that interest you most. This way, over time, you can get to know the other people in the group as much more than picture squares that magically produce text somehow (which, let’s face it, gets old and weird after a while).



Speaking up has benefits!

A group of HSPs is the perfect setting to explore how you can be more of your sensitive self in your communication with others (both inside and outside of the group). Many of us “hold back and hide” in various ways, to avoid being judged or overwhelmed.

Unfortunately, that also stifles our creativity, self-expression, and our ability to feel good in our own skin and get all our needs met.


Talking more openly here is definitely helping me to start doing this outside of the community too.member
I am so glad that everyone is here and so involved with the group (…) this group is a way of grounding for me. The things everyone shares help so much.member
I’m so relieved to get on this page and read that someone else is feeling just as I have or has spoken my thoughts/concerns beautifully. Even if I don’t have the energy to engage at that particular moment, someone is doing or saying something divine, and it helps a LOT! Thank you.member
I just joined this awesome community two weeks ago and already I’m feeling very much supported and in awe of the beautiful talents of members of this group! The virtual tea is a lovely way to connect too and I truly appreciate the podcasts Caroline has done even though I don’t usually listen to podcasts because I used to find them too long-winded. Thank you for creating this wonderful online community and your loving support!B.

What this group isn’t

The group is not a place to get empath training or get questions answered about how to use empath tools.

I want to keep these discussions out of the group because:

  • Many people in the community are not empaths and/or not doing a course. Something I see happening a lot on the internet in general is people advising each other – in forums – on really complex topics that really don’t belong there. This creates confusion and misunderstandings and can even be unsafe.
  • I am teaching you the empath tools in a very individualised way. How you do things will likely not work the same way for other people! Also, everyone doing the course is still learning and somewhat -naturally- confused about all this, and not in a place to teach others. So I want any questions on how to use empath tools to go straight to me, and not get bounced around online. Even in the VIP subgroup on Twist for empaths doing this course, discussions need to exclude specific “how tos”. It’s just a nice place to cheer each other on and know who else is doing the programme. That way you can meet up one-on-one for a virtual tea for example and swap experiences. I take this really seriously because when you learn empath tools right the first time, it’s much easier than when you get confused early on by what other people are doing.


The community is a trauma-free zone. It is not a heavy-duty support group.

You can always reach out to me during the empath programme for extra support if you feel stuck. You’re also welcome to post about (lighter) struggles in the group, but we don’t want to make things heavy and overwhelming for you or anyone else.

Everyone here is sensitive and more easily overwhelmed and while this is a supportive group, it can only be so in moderation. This is mainly a space to learn about and share experiences with being Highly Sensitive and meeting other people who understand.

 Join the Community!

Your first 4 months are free. After that, the monthly membership fee is 9 euros.

Step 1 – fill out the form below.

Step 2 – after submitting the form, you’ll be redirected to paypal to set up your subscription. Please note that in order to keep the admin side of things manageable for me, you are responsible for canceling your subscription if you want to cancel your membership (doing so is easy: just log into your paypal acount, go to your “recurring subscriptions” and cancel. That’s it).

After giving paypal permission to collect the monthly membership fee*, you’ll be redirected to a page with links to the community on Twist and Facebook (you’ll also get an email with this info).

*Membership is monthly. If at any time you want to leave, just log into your paypal dashboard and cancel the recurring subscription. The first 4 months are free.


Questions you may have:


“How many people are in the group?” – We have about 40 members on Twist and about 20 on Facebook.



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