HSP Comfort Kit Feedback

Below are 3 questions to help you assess the take-aways you got from the course material.

Note: by submitting responses here you are giving me permission to publish these responses anonymously on the website and to help spread the word about the programme via my newsletter/social-media. Don't worry, should you mention any personal identifying details then I will remove those. (unless you don't want to be anonymous of course!)

Thank you for taking a little time to answer these questions. Besides giving me feedback they will also help you reflect on what changed for you. So often, we have our eye set on a big goal, and forget to celebrate all the little shifts that are happening along the way. So, don't forget to celebrate!

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What are some of the aha's / insights /
helpful ideas that you took away from
the course?

Do you notice any (little) changes in how
you deal with things in your life and/or how
you treat yourself and your sensitivity?

Did any questions come up for you around being HSP?

Anything else you'd like to share / comment on
(including any technical glitches etc)?

Thank you! Now celebrate your successes!
(after clicking send :) )

P.S. Having more awareness about something is a success too!

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