Workouts for Low-Energy / CFS

Speaking from experience here: the idea of working out changes completely when you are dealing with chronic illness or other forms of low-energy (or breathing problems). Suddenly standard cardio is very quickly too much.

Yet the less you work out, the harder doing a work out will get. If this is a very temporary issue, then no problem, you just do without for a while. But what if this is a long-term or even chronic issue?

An overly sedentary lifestyle or monotonous kinds of movement, can contribute to a kind of emotional and mental stuckness. As HSPs, we need to keep our sensory processing abilities open and flowing to avoid overwhelm and confusion. Physical movement is a crucial part of that.

In this video I’m reviewing/introducing several different kinds of work-outs, all available as DVDs /online. If you’ve been feeling stuck around exercising then I hope this will spark some ideas for you.

(I’m not affiliated with the workouts I talk about).


Workouts discussed in the video:


The Smile ME Cure Programme


Chi Fusion via or

Dru Yoga DVD

Hemalayaa: Yoga for Everyone via

Tribal Fusion Belly Dance with Rachel Brice via

Ten Minute Solution: Hip Hop Dance Mix via

Kundalini Yoga to Detox and Destress with Maya Fiennes via

Tara Lee: Flow Yoga, Elements of Yoga, Air & Water via

The Studio, Ellen Barrett: Barefoot Cardio via

Michael Nevermind: The Perfect Martial Arts Workout via

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