The Repressed Past is the Future Waiting to Happen

Our body lives in the present, always. It seeks to experience what is there, whether that is “outside” of us or “inside”.

Everything and anything that we once experienced and locked away because it was too scary or too much to deal with, will get added to the list of “things to experience”. And, it will reappear in our life, somehow. Either, because the long kept “seal” is suddenly broken and we find ourself sobbing for no apparent reason, or because we get entangled in outer circumstances that make us cry in quite the same way.

One way or the other, it’s the same to our body, as long as it is truly dealt with (read: felt) so that we can move forward.

Our fears of the future are not really about the future as such. For, how could we truly know the future enough to be afraid of it?

Those fears are the undigested parts of ancient experiences. They scare us because we are afraid to completely digest them. And, as long as we don’t, there is a real chance that we will re-experience them as future events. It’s the universe’s way to help us to be rid of them, once and for all.

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